Max Koekkoek Birfelder

In  my workshop I am very demanding.

Aesthetics is my guide.
Highest quality my condition.
Cleanliness in my studio comes first. That’s how we avoid accidents to happen.
I am very picky with the materials I use. And only select the best available.
Sometimes they take offense.
But my compromise is with my customer.

I take good care of my tools. They are an extension of my hands.
Misuse hurts me.
Continuous training of my people is important.
Each day we learn.

I cherish ideas. Make them my own and distill them.
Hence I translate them to my guys. Illustrate them with sketches.
Sometimes I draw them on the floor.
We discuss them and go for them.
I watch from close by. To correct if needed.
Polishing is basic for a good finsh.
Here we spend major effort.

This is how we arrive at a product which we can stand for.

Max Koekkoek



portrait title

Max Koekkoek Birfelder

Diseñador Holandes, 21 años trabajando en Tonalá con su equipo de artesanos mexicanos el vidrio soplado, hierro forjado, acero inoxidable y la plata en joyeria.