Max Koekkoek Birfelder

Dutch Designer and Craftsman

Max Koekkoek, born 1954, grew up in the Netherlands. Studied Arts at the University of Utrecht 1975-1980. Then learned to work fine jewelry in Belgium.
He continued studying design and fabrication in Germany and Italy. During this time
he travelled a lot and visited lots of handicraft-workshops all over South-East Asia: from India, the North of Thailand to the island of Bali. He continued working jewelry and extended his field of art into decorative metalwork and interior design.

In 1992 he visited Mexico with a trade mission and, instantly, fell in love with the country, its people and their art. He then established himself in Tonalá, Jalisco.
Mejor arts & crafts center in Mexico. His wife Chelo comes from a renowned family of glass blowers.Getting to know blown glass, he even more widened his creative vision.

His workshop is chockfull with all kinds of original works, all made by hand.

His blown glass chandeliers are widely renowned and appreciated for their singularity and touching colors.
All designed by Max, from his heart, together with his distinguished crafts-team.

Apart from his original artwork, he does lots of custom jobs.




max koekkoek

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Max Koekkoek Birfelder

Diseñador Holandes, 21 años trabajando en Tonalá con su equipo de artesanos mexicanos el vidrio soplado, hierro forjado, acero inoxidable y la plata en joyeria.